When I made this blog in high school, I wanted to give myself an outlet as a budding sports journalist. My high school didn’t have a school newspaper, so writing online about basketball was the only way for me to gain experience. It was a good experience, and I enjoyed working with other basketball fans who were my age. We thought we were legit, and perhaps in our small bubble, we were.

But as I progress through my college career, I have found myself wanting to return to my beloved site. I created HoopsHeads to have fun while writing, something that I haven’t experienced lately. I’m bringing HoopsHeads back because I want to reignite the fun parts of journalism; blogging lends itself well to doing that.

I will use this site as a personal blog, but if other people want to write a few articles along with me, I am open to that. I hope that as I bring back HoopsHeads, it can be a website that basketball fans gravitate to. Writing isn’t a game — it’s hard work. But basketball is a game, and it’s surely a fun one to write about.

What's your take? Please feel free to express your thoughts below!

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